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Why would we make this web page???

We made this website because we would like to share our wisdom with all of you! We are 3 BFFLS(best friends for life), and we were such good friends, we made a rep group called the Zimmerazees. We named it that because Alexa thought of it randomly and the next thing you know...it was our name!! Our names are Alaina, Shelly and Alexa...Alexa is the one who made the name. The picture above is our symbol, and the backround are our colors. Periwinkle(right)Pink(bottom)and Yellow(left). If you read the rest of our website, you will learn an easy way to make a rep group like ours.

{Authors note: You pernounce zimmerazees, zihm-er-ah-zeez.}

Note: some of the songs on the "Zimmerazees Playlist" may not be working at the moment. our greatest apoligeez!  :D

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