Ideas for Groups

 Here  are some ideas:

-Find some AWESOME friends to make a group (they don't have to be all girls or all boys!)

-Think of a name or have a random conversation with friends to find a name

-Think of all your fave colors

-Think of a symbol for your group, like a :) or just randomly draw

-Make sure you don't exclude anybody or hurt their feelings because then you wouldn't be a great role models for rep groups younger than you

-Agree on your group animal, tree, flower, (etc.) if you can't think of any, make up your own!

-Group chant, phrase or songs(or all 3!)

-Make plans like go shopping, the spa, mani-pedis, movies, have a LOT of sleepovers

{authors note: make a memory box for EVERYONE in your group. This way, if you and your friends get into a fight, you will be able to look back at the box and remember all the good times you've had. Besides, fights are HORRIBLE! The feeling of not having your friends with you at all times make you feel kinda helpless. Also, sometimes, it leaves you crying yourself to sleep. It's common if you get in little fights at times, but never try to spread rumors about someone and NEVER, EVER try to get in a fight about a guy because that's just pointless and stupid.   :) }

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