Our blogs.  this is where we keep info about us that might be fun to know. and facts that would be helpful.


Alaina's blog: HEY!! Alaina here!!! ahahaha!!!  :) so me and shelly were hangin' a little while ago, and we went to the a restraunt for dinner. soooo.. when we got seated and took our drink orders and stuff, me and shelly and my family got settled in and started having a SWEET conversation about the next time me and shelly go to, SIX FLAGS together again!!!!! yea, i told you it was sweet! we go at least 10 times a year and bring shelly with at least 2 times. so anyway...when they gave us the menus, since shellys so tall and im so short, the waiter gave shelly and my entire family the adult menu, and i got A STINKING KIDS MENU!!! hahaha!! shellys an AWESOME friend and a great member of the zimmerazees!!   :)

Shelly's Blog: okayy well i will tell the story about me and alexa stuffing animal crackers in our mouths...yeahhh... well firstt we were just on my deck and there we were hungry. So then we put animal crackers in a bowl and then we went back outside. Haha, thenn we were dancing like crazy, stuffing animal crackers in our mouths, and taking videos on my camera. Good timess ! =]]

Alexa's Blog: hey! sooo im alexa... yeah and i looove cheerleading. :) so, i was at shellys house and we were stuffing animal crackers in our mouths. [HAHA TOTAL DIFFERENT STORY THERE] an we decided to color a animal cracker with crayons. hahahahaha!! we wer coloring the cracker with blueberry, cherry, orange, lime, and other.. hehe. after, we decided to give it to the big eyed skeleton guy at school. [ :'( ahhh!! soo saddd!!!!!!! miss him :(] the next day i brought it to school and me and shelly gave the crayon animal cracker to him. hehhe.. HE ATE IT WHOLE!! haha woww i miss besg and our whole class!