Alainas cartoons

these are pictures alaina has made. :D

Dancing Corn Dog

haha!! well, there you go noidmememe!!!!  theres your dancing corn dog!!  :) well... if your wondering... he is singing with a GIANT penny, next to a GIANT essay that the corn dog aced, under that is a pot of veggie meat suprise, floating on cloud 9. and everything is about to blow up because someone attatched TNT to a green candle with an eye on it.  i like random!!!   :D :D :D :D :D :D

Pic by: Alaina

Mean Yellow Dude

Like my random pic?? HAHAHA!!   :) pretty awesome, right?!? i made it!! me, Alaina. k. are you ready for this?? k. its a pic of a mad dude with a maroon unibrow, REALLY bad teeth, a pickle in his hand, a magic wand, turning a GIANT chocolate cookie into a weird and exotic plant using MAGIC!!! OOOO!!  :)  and above him is a snake coming out of a leprecaun hat... HES DOING THAT STANDING ON A ROCK!!!! TALENT!!  :)  you like the pics i make?? the COOL random ones?? do you want me to make one under YOUR request?? then go under Q/A's and let me know what you wanna see!!!  let me know what backround, and what you want the main part of the pic to be, like this one would be a circular yellow dude on mars, and ill work my magic! :)

Freaky Teeth Alien

This AWESOME pic was made by yours truley, ALAINA!!!   :) well, if youre wondering, that is an Alien from mars holding a soccor ball and a blueberry pie, while standing on a surfboard. can you spell talent???  :)  that weird thing next to him is the portal to mars. wow. i never knew Aliens visited my backyard!!  :)

Cool Periwinkle Dude

hahahahahahahahahaaa!!!!!  RANDOM!!!!!!!!  :)  its a pencil outlining everything, a periwinkle dude, AWEESOME!, an antalope named jimbo, 100 % fruit juice dripping, poor antalope!! its being sprayed by a can of spray paint, a floating pair' o' pants, and a finger and a yoyo.       lol!!!    :)    ;P   :)

Blue Guy... With a Weird Mouth

HAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHHAA!!!!!!!!  its a blue dude, with nail polish, a chair and a lamp, AWESOME looking glasses!!  ( I MEAN, COME ON!!! YOU CANT DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!) a fun piece of art, and the famous physics saying, E=MC2. COOLIO!!!!!